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Inventors Room Leader

About Me:

I have lived in Toledo, Spain until last year. There I was studying whilst working- always with children in education. I was a private English Teacher and conducting my research for my Early Years Teaching Degree. I wanted to live in England as a challenge for me to improve English, learn about the British Education system and also challenge my research to working with different nationalities. In my spare time I like taking my camera and visiting somewhere new. I love photography and I always try to combine it with travelling, my favourite hobby. I like to help children learn with creative activities where they do not know they are combining a lot of strategies to learn a lot of areas of learning. I like helping them to be independent and challenge them to solve their own problems whilst they are learning. My final research project for University was to understand the impact of teaching English speaking and grammar from Early Years and measuring this in their first few years in school. I am really interested on the production of the language, so I will focus my researches on it as I continue to practice my knowledge and research working in a British Nursery.


  • Spanish

Qualifications, Skills &Experience:

  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • 6 years experience in Early Years
  • Experience of being an English Teacher in Spain for 4 years


  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Intermediate)