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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – William Butler Yeats

The Kent Family

We, the Kent Family, would like to welcome you to our nursery. We started our journey in 2013 with a small team at Monkey Puzzle Highbury, our very first nursery. We spent our time in the classrooms, learning and growing with our first groups of children about how to give them the very best start in life. Through attentive care and teamwork we were able to achieve the highest OFSTED grade, “Outstanding” in all areas at our first inspection.

Now Geoff, Wendy, Rik, Ant and Mike run 4 Outstanding Monkey Puzzle Nurseries in Islington and St Albans together with our extended family – the wonderful teams of dedicated practitioners that we work with. In early 2022, we are so excited to grow our family again with Monkey Puzzle Melody Lane, which will be run to the same high standards with our vision to “inspire children to change tomorrow’s world”.

The Kent Family

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Highbury provides a secure and caring environment for children aged 3 months to 5 years to learn and grow. Our aim is for every child to be happy and healthy, enjoying their early years at the Nursery and for parents to have peace of mind that their children are in excellent hands.

Our Nursery Setting – Loxfords House

Built in 1850, Loxfords House was once the residence of the Dent family, renowned Highbury glove makers. Among their impressive list of clients were aristocrats, early entrepreneurs and even royalty.

In 1925 the property was bought by The National Children’s Home, where extensive development took place. In 2008 the building changed hands again to Action For Children, where it was used as their HQ in keeping with it’s previous use.

The property today has been restored by expert craftsmen to it’s original glory, with it’s elegant stuccoed facade, magnificent clock tower and beautifully landscaped gardens providing a wonderful setting for our new nursery.

The nursery itself has been purposefully designed from scratch to provide a light and airy space for the children to learn and grow in a safe a secure environment. Each room is divided into classroom areas, rich with resources and our inspirational team of childcare professionals are passionate about creating an early love of learning for all children.

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