This 17th of March the nursery turned green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The three rooms engaged in some Irish dancing, moving to the beat of classic Celtic songs, all whilst donning their best green outfits.

In the baby room, even the play dough turned green, and our babies had a great time modelling using different tools, as well as mixing the ingredients to get the perfect texture. For the artistic bunch, there was a giant shamrock that they got to decorate using green paint. The little Discoverers also engaged in a little treasure hunt, looking for wooden “gold coins”.

Our toddlers chose to work together to decorate a rainbow using water colours, and they looked forward to finding the pot of gold at the end of it. They also engaged in a St Patrick’s themed story time, which gathered their full attention.

In the preschool room there was also a giant shamrock, and children got to choose different tools to decorate it, such as pencils, crayons or water colours, all in different shades of green. The little Inventors also engaged in a themed story time, featuring a green leprechaun.

It was yet another great opportunity to expand our little one’s cultural capital at MPH