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Preschool Environment (Inventors)

By the time your child reaches Preschool they should be comfortable with more complex day to day routines and advanced subject areas, such as basic Maths and Literacy. They still have access to their favorite toys and facilities from the Toddler room but have the added benefit of an Interactive Whiteboard to use for adult lead learning activities. This helps to develop their knowledge of technology and it’s learning benefits, whilst accessing an information rich exposure to learning.

The Preschool room also has a dedicated music area, which houses a variety of interesting musical instruments, including an electric piano. Creativity will be promoted across all areas of learning but focused music lessons can do wonders for your child’s development.

The Preschool and Toddler rooms share one magnificent feature. A fresh water tropical aquarium, housed in the wall partition between the two rooms; this creates an enchanting spectacle for your children to observe and explore aquatic life. Not only does this promote intrigue and tranquility but links closely with Understanding the World (EYFS specific area of learning and development).