On Monday the 20th of June we hosted our classic Father’s Day BBQ, for the first time since 2019! It was a lovely opportunity for the children to have some “Daddy and me” time while also sharing a bit of their everyday life at nursery.

The dads were treated to some yummy burgers to which they added their favourite toppings, and there were also some fresh lemonades and juices to go with the food. Each room had different activities prepared, ranging from bowling and football tournaments to cosy reading corners and outdoor exploring. Of course, there was also time for the classic dance parties, MPH style. We loved seeing the dads exploring their little ones’ environments, and it was heart-warming to see
how proud and eager the children were to show their fathers around their rooms, as well as introducing them to their nursery best friends. A big Thank you to all of the MPH Fathers who joined us in this celebration.

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