I just wanted to say thank you for organising such a great evening last night to chat about school readiness. You have clearly put a huge amount of thought into it, and it’s much appreciated. I was also struck by what an exceptional nursery MPH is – we haven’t been inside the rooms for 18 months or so now, and it was so lovely to be able to see all the things they’ve been up to, and hear about the community that you foster at the nursery. Loved all the little anecdotes about what they say to each other at preschool committee. Daniel and Clara are both very happy and we are very grateful for all your hard work to make that happen! Thanks again! Chris and Charlotte

“We visited all of the nurseries in the area after our daughter was diagnosed with special educational needs. The staff at Monkey Puzzle Highbury went out of their way to treat us with kindness at a difficult time, and went on to support our daughter through a series of further assessments by a diverse range of external professionals. They have been consistently attentive and compassionate to our daughter, implementing 6 week IEPs setting short term targets to maximise her ability to access the early years curriculum on offer in both the Toddler and Preschool rooms.

The management team, room leaders and our daughter’s keyworkers have all been brilliant and have taken on board the recommendations from our therapy team, applying them throughout the nursery day. The Kent family even allowed therapists to work intensively in the nursery setting with our daughter and made them feel a part of the Monkey Puzzle team. We could not be more grateful and our daughter’s development during her time at Monkey Puzzle is testament to the hard work that has been put in.

We were so pleased with the childcare provision at Monkey Puzzle that we also enrolled our son (who does not have special educational needs) into the Baby room and again we have been delighted with the team there who have supported and encouraged him every step of the way.

We highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Highbury to all prospective parents.”

Mr & Mrs BC

“I wanted to take the opportunity to wish the team well with the new Angel nursery and to say how much we appreciate the Highbury nursery. Especially in these last few weeks when the news around the world has been so depressing, it has really cheered me up to see all the little kids from all different countries and religious backgrounds playing together happily at the nursery. I often find myself telling people that it is the one thing that makes a bad-news day a bit less awful! I also think it is brilliant that you have such diversity and positivity in the staff. I find it really heartwarming to hear that our children are learning about other cultures and different lifestyles (making exotic foods or celebrating different festivals etc) and hopefully because of this wonderful melting pot they will be less prejudiced than many adults are today.” Sophie

“Our daughter loves the atmosphere of Monkey Puzzle. The staff are a great integrated team who are enthusiastic, involved and committed. It’s always hard placing a child in nursery but I feel utterly reassured that our daughter is surrounded by people who care about her well-being and is interacting with other great children. They do so many activities and the team are brilliant at feeding back about what she’s been up to – I also like the fact they have off-site visits to the park, library and nearby nature reserve. The nursery is also good at keeping parents up to date on what the menus are, what each of the rooms have learnt each month and have plenty of family activities throughout the year. ” Betty’s Mum

“Our son attends Monkey Puzzle Highbury and we are overall very satisfied by the quality of the nursery. We feel extremely lucky for our son to attend as it now seems to become more and more popular after the Outstanding Ofsted report! All the staff in the toddler room are amazing, they always provide detailed feedback at the end of each day and really seem to enjoy their job. There is a chef that cooks healthy meals everyday and they also cater to any dietary needs or special condition that a child may have. Above all my son loves to go there everyday and has a lot of fun with other kids as well as the staff. Kudos to the Monkey Puzzle nursery staff who make it a wonderful place: all round an excellent nursery! Keep it up!” Mateo’s Mum

“We decided to send our son to Monkey Puzzle Highbury shortly after it opened and before any Ofsted report was available – we made the right choice! The atmosphere in the nursery is wonderful and our son is flourishing there. The staff are all very attentive and caring, and the range of things they offer the children – Italian lessons, yoga, zumba, outings to the park & library etc… is excellent. We love the fact that they have first-rate facilities, outside space and freshly made food. Plus the online portal for parents is a great tool that really helps you stay involved in what they are learning and doing each day. Couldn’t recommend the nursery enough.” Isaac’s Mum

“We’ve been impressed and overjoyed with the progress that Kahil has made at Monkey Puzzle over the past two years. He’s really formed some close friendships and thoroughly enjoys his time there (which sometimes means he doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day!) I especially like the technology-driven approach the nursery takes to keeping parents updated of their children’s progress and the visual records of their developments through photos and videos.” Kahil’s Mum

“We are extremely happy with our daughter’s experience at Monkey Puzzle. She feels very at home there and has great relationships with all of the team. We are confident that our daughter is cared for, encouraged and challenged in her daily activities.” Roisin’s Mum

“We love Monkey Puzzle Highbury, as does our son. The staff and team are extremely caring and have created a wonderful, stimulating setting for all the children, from babies to pre-schoolers. We’re delighted with the education and care he receives each day.” Dominic’s Mum

“We are very happy with all aspects of the nursery and in every way. The staff and managers are lovely and I find are very genuine caring people. I feel my son is being very well looked after and I can already see good developmental progress after even just a month after starting at Monkey Puzzle Highbury.” Tamara 

“Very nice environment and warm, friendly staff. We like the sense of ‘family’ there seems to be at the nursery.” Anonymous

On Minnie’s last day, I wanted to send a quick email to say how wonderful the Monkey Puzzle experience has been over the last 3 years. We couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of care and love shown.

From our wonderful baby room key workers, J and E, who supported Minnies (and our!) transition in to nursery life, spending so much time settling her in and building her confidence in those first few months, to the much loved L and N who gave Minnie so much love and care during the precious toddler years. Both did such lovely activities with Minnie and indulged her little quirks such as never wearing trousers and allowing her to keep various comforters, ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Bunny’, with her at all times!

We have been SO grateful to the pre school team, A, O, D, I, A and, of course, S, who have been experts at navigating the road towards school including friendships, ‘big feelings’ and nurturing Minnie’s love of learning.

Every report, parents evening, learning book, Famly update and quick chats at the start and end of the day we have been thankful for. We understand the huge amount of work which goes in to it – thank you!

Finally, thanks to Managers – C, K and E – you have been wonderful and it has been fab to see you progress in your careers. And, to the catering team – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a notice saying she hasn’t had seconds!

We wish everyone all the best both professionally and personally and thank you so much for the memories.

From Minnie’s Mum and Dad