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Nursery Assistant

About Me:

I lived in Bari (Italy) for all my life. It is a lovely city to grow up as it has a very artistic soul, surrounded by theatres and sea. I have studied to become a Biological and Medical laboratory technician but since a young age I have always worked with kids in different fields. I have always dreamt about moving to England since I was young as I loved the British music culture from the Beatles to the Northern Soul. I like working with children as you get to see their development and learning as they grow and flourish under your care. Being part of this process is inspirational and rewarding as an adult. I love helping children to learn through games, art and music; stimulating and making them love the learning process from a young age. I look forward to be a part of this process, engaging, teaching through art music and psychomotor activities.

In my spare time I love doing Yoga as it helps my body, mind and soul bringing me physical and mental discipline. I also enjoy painting as it helps developing my creative side and encourage me to a more optimistic approach to life. I also love horse riding as it is a very complete sport, where there are always new challenges. You need to be dedicated, listen to your horse needs and it is fun! Being in contact with the nature helped me being a kinder person throughout my life.


  • Italy

Qualifications, Skills &Experience:

  • Paediatric First Aid certificate
  • Experience as a Preschool Teacher Assistant
  • Experience working in a children’s language
  • Experience working in a children’s arts club


  • Italian (native)
  • Spanish (intermediate)
  • English (fluent)