March Newsletter


There have been so many activities and socials this month I don’t know where to start!

The World Book day was a real success with all the wonderful costumes worn by the children and staff. It really did inspire the children to talk about their favourite books and look at the variety of books we have at the nursery.

Red Nose Day was great fun and we raised £57.05. We then hosted our Mother’s Day Tea Party during the afternoon for all our wonderful and hardworking Mums. It appeared that all the Mums had great fun taking part in all the activities with their children and some even managed to grab a cake or biscuit before all the children got to them!
Our nursery closure day was very informative and productive and we made good use of the time with training in the new curriculum and legislation.
Our parents evening this week went very well. All the staff worked very hard in writing all the summative assessments needed for the evening and then, of course, stayed behind to deliver the discussions. We hope you found this useful. If there is anything else you would like discuss, please come and speak to either myself or Francesca who will be happy to speak with you.

The nursery is looking refreshed with the new decoration and all the children noticed how clean and organised everything is looking now. We hope you like the new colours that have been chosen for each room.

Just a gentle reminder that the team finish their day at 6pm. Please ensure that you have collected your child AND received the feedback required by this time. Many thanks in advance for your co-operation.

The remaining dates for the Inset days this year are Friday 23rd June and Friday 8th September


This month we have been very busy as always with lots of different activities such as creating sensory bags and adding marshmallows, rice and pasta with different coloured paints in the bags to feel the textures. The babies also really enjoyed the jelly sensory bags with glitter and googly eyes. Their interest lasted a long time exploring the bags and looking closely at what is inside.

The babies have also been out to the Highbury Fields quite a lot as it was nice weather. They enjoyed the running around and going on the swings and slide with an adult. We have also created a ‘Being Physical’ display with our fun pictures at the playground. The Babies also went to the football court and enjoyed some ball time and kicking the ball around and watching each other, have a look at our pictures on our display boards which have been updated with the children’s work and pictures.

We have been working on our celebrations board and its ongoing with updating all the celebrations that we take part in and the different creative activities that take place during these times. Have a look at the Babies dressed up for world book day which was so amazing to see. The babies dressed up and we would like to thank you for bringing their favourite story book for us to read during our circle times throughout the day which we loved to share.

We also enjoyed pancake day and carnival day and being dressed up all fancy and colourful we had so much fun with messy activities and exploring colourful cornflour and using their hands to feel the gooey texture and using spoons to scoop off the table.

Our colour of March was green and the children did some shape painting in green and we have hanged them up on the ceiling. The babies used brushes and their hands to paint the shapes green and enjoyed being messy as always. Also during the St Patricks day celebration we made green playdough and making different shapes to explore the playdough with cutters and rolling pins.
Thank you to our beautiful Mummies for making time to attend the Mother’s Day tea party where we had activities set out for you to take part in. We hope you enjoyed them and the gift of dough flower magnet, card and straw flowers that your little ones made for you. We had such a great time and seeing all the parents joining in with the activities that their children enjoy during the day.

We also participated in ‘red nose day’ fundraising and all the babies looked so lovely in their red clothes. Thank you for your donations.
In the garden, we have a new trampoline for the children to hold onto the bar and jump on, which they have very much enjoyed throughout the month. This is helping them in learning how to take turns with their friends. The Babies really do enjoy the outdoor environment, going for walks and doing activities in the garden such as making marks on large paper with chalks and pens too.
We also had a visit from Zoo lab one afternoon and the children really enjoyed touching the snake, and other small animals that came to visit.
During April and Easter time we will be very busy with spring time activities and our colour of the month will be yellow. We will be making Easter baskets and little treats to take home for Easter celebrations. The babies will be painting flowers and exploring bright colours and creating their own spring pictures.


This month we have enjoyed a wide variety of activities and events in our calendar. We’ve been on lots of outings with the warmer weather heading our way. The Explorers have really enjoyed challenging their gross motor skills in the garden with our new climbing frame and trampoline. There’s been lots of dressing up and amazing costumes from both the adults and the children. Music, dance, and song have also been a big focus, with the children taking part in Festival Day, World Book Day and activities based around physical health development.
Angel Theatre Outing At the start of the month the children had the opportunity to attend a live theatre performance. This performance combined puppets, music, and the Five Cheeky Monkey’s theme to engage young audiences. There was also a numeracy component with lots of counting throughout the performance. Everyone had a fabulous time. The children had fun taking the bus to the Little Angel Theatre, enjoyed a snack upon arrival and then listened intently to a thirty minute show. They were all wonderful listeners, managed their behaviour very well and could talk excitedly about their experience when they returned to the nursery. This is definitely an outing we would like to do again in the future. Well done to the Toddlers!!
Carnival Day The children enjoyed dressing up in crazy costumes for ‘Carnival Day’. We did lots of dancing, face painting and fun activities. Toddlers had a great time dancing to different carnival music and exploring musical instruments.

World Book Day This was the second opportunity for children to dress up in the same week. Our Toddlers dressed up in many different costumes which was lovely to see! Thank you to those children who also brought in their favourite book for us to read and share with their peers.

St Patrick’s Day On this wonderful day, we celebrated by carrying out various activities for our Toddlers to enjoy! In the morning during circle time, we spoke about what St Patrick’s Day is and why and who celebrates it. The children were very engaged and asked lots of questions. Throughout the day, we were very busy baking delicious biscuits shaped as a ‘Shamrock’ with Mahmuda and decorating it with green icing. The biscuits were very yummy! The fun didn’t stop there of course. Toddlers carried on being creative, making Shamrock hats with Kara and Remy. Remy helped your little ones look very pretty by having face painting done😊. The toddlers loved looking at themselves in the mirror!

Red Nose Day Firstly, Toddlers would like to say a big thank you to all the parents for their generous donation to this wonderful cause. It was great to see the toddlers dressed up in red. Toddlers had lots of fun exploring the texture of red jelly and of course baking yummy cherry biscuits with the lovely Andrea.

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is of course all about our lovely Mummy’s and how else to celebrate this wonderful day then by having a tea party. Thank you to all the Mummy’s that attended the party and we hope you all had lots of fun with your little ones 😊. Throughout the morning, Toddlers were little bakers, baking biscuits.
We would like to welcome James and Alberto to the Explorers Room and hope they make lots of new friends as well as connecting with some old ones.
We are very sad to say goodbye to Severyn, Ruby, Frederick and Giulia as they transitioned to pre-school and we wish them all the best in the Inventors Room. Don’t forget us in Toddlers! 😊


March has been a super sunny and busy month and we are now ready to officially welcome Spring and our new discoverers Ruby, Severyn, Frederick and Giulia coming from toddler room.
Last month we have been focusing on nutrition as our main topic. The adults started to introduce the food pyramid as a guide for them to follow. Teachers have shown them videos on the Smart board about the importance of consuming the correct portions of vegetables, fruit, carbs, sweets etc. They also made fun activities such as making their own paint using vegetables and icing sugar, decorating our display title with different foodstuffs and making marks using citrus fruit. Lastly, following one of their favourite books, “The very hungry caterpillar”, they have created their own by suggesting each character eats the right amount of food types each day 😊. Within the same topic, the children were super engaged in making typical Portuguese cheese, a vegetable couscous and sweet bananas. We would like to thanks all the parents who came on the cooking days and brought lovely recipes. The children really enjoyed creating and exploring together the different foods from all over the world. This month, our cooking days are going to be on Wednesday 12th and Monday 24th of April; do not hesitate to book yourself in for a wonderful and messy experience with our children!

As well as cooking days, we keep working on Science as one of our topics, and this month we plan to have our science days on Friday 7th and Tuesday 18th. During the last few weeks we have been creating bubble lines with socks and bottles and parachutes to discover the concept of gravity.

Once again thank you so much to all the parents for making our parents reading mornings so special. It so nice to see all of us working in partnership to create a happy and magical environment for the children to learn and develop their imagination. If you want to come and join us during our parent reading mornings this month, they are going to be on Monday 10th and Friday 28th of April. Just a little note to say that each family is more than welcome to bring books in different languages to share with the children.

Talking about special events, March as been super full of celebrations. We started by celebrating World book day. We dressed ourselves up as main characters of favourite books. We then followed this by celebrating Holi day by mixing powder paint and exploring colours. For St Patricks day, children made lovely masks and shamrock cards to take home. In addition to this, it was lovely to see lots of amazing costumes for Carnival and lots of mums attending our Tea party for Mother’s Day/Red Nose Day. Thank you for always been so generous.

On the 24th of March the Zoo lab came to visit the nursery and the children were super excited to be in contact with real animals such as a colourful snake and little mouse.

Next month we ae going to focus on making beautiful Easter’s cards and presents and we will keep up the topic Nutrition to complete our wonderful display. Also, to do not forget, every day we are going to practise on specifics letters, shapes and numbers and hopefully we will enjoy the beautiful weathers outside with lots gardening activities!