January News


What a fantastic start to the new year and long may it continue!
We’ve celebrated Burn’s night, Chinese New Year, had several trips out and about in the community to name just a few of the wonderful activities the children have taken part in.
Thank you for all parents who took part in the Ceeda survey. Your feedback is most valuable to us and we use it to further improve the service we provide to you and of course, to enhance the care and education of the little ones. You will see evidence of the feedback you have given us, operationally, in and around the nursery.
For those of you who have just two contacts on their Caremonkey details, can we ask for you to add another as there have been changes that require us to have a minimum of three points of contact now.

As it is such a busy nursery, property can go missing from time to time. For this reason, we would like to urge you to label all your children’s clothing and ensure that anything of sentimental value be left at home.

We would all like to say a big thank you to Elizabeth, Annabelle’s mummy for her generosity in donating some of Annabelle’s books to the nursery. The children love them!
Our Inset days this year are Monday 27th March, Friday 23rd June and Friday 8th September. These nursery closure days are invaluable as it keeps all staff up to date with relevant theories, training and changes to legislation. The staff work long hours on a day to day basis and do cover lots of training over their weekends throughout the year also. Having the closure day is an effective way to keep the whole team up to date and provide your children with the most current and innovative ways of learning.


1This month has been a busy month. We have been celebrating Chinese New Year by talking about the festival with the babies and doing different activities such as painting roosters, as it is the year of the rooster. We have painted and decorated paper plates, cutting them in half turning them into Chinese fans. They also used different media and materials to create Chinese lanterns and used chopsticks to do Chinese calligraphy as well as exploring rice noodles with lettuce and carrots which the babies absolutely loved.

We have also started to change the display boards in the room. As we have changed the layout of the room, we have moved the black and white area towards the front of the room. We are also re-decorating the celebrations board. The home corner has also been changed with different foods from around the world and the babies were gluing and sticking different materials on the fruits – they really enjoyed getting their tiny hands all sticky and messy. The babies have also been exploring vegetables such as potatoes which the adults carved shapes into so the babies could dip it in paint and create marks.

We have two new staff members who have joined the baby room team. Their names are Elyne and Annika. We also have a student in the baby room named Roo who is doing her placement from UCL to gain experience with baby room age group. Welcome to all of them.

We would also like to welcome our new babies Aubrey, Emerson, Melissa, Joseph, Jace and Amara J to our room. Most of the parents of the new babies are familiar with the nursery already as they have another child who already attends the setting. We would like to say welcome back, and to the new parents welcome to the Monkey Puzzle Nursery! We are happy to say hello to the new babies however, we have to say goodbye to two of our babies as we are currently transitioning them to toddler room. To read our full newsletter, please click the link below…