December News


We’ve had such a wonderful year with you all this year! We are all so blessed to have such great families to work with and wonderful children to teach and care for.
It would be beneficial for the children to share how they spent their Christmas holidays away from the nursery. If you can, it would be lovely if you could upload some photos to Learning Book so that the children can talk about it with their peers. While on the subject of Learning book, please do take a look at the summative assessments that the key person writes for you. They are written every twelve weeks and are a summary of what they have learned for that period, based on the observations taken on them. There are some really helpful hints and tips on how to help your children at home, based on their next steps in their learning.

Our Inset days this year are Monday 27th March, Friday 23rd June and Friday 8th September. These nursery closure days are invaluable as it keeps all staff up to date with relevant theories, training and changes to legislation. The staff work long hours on a day to day basis and do cover lots of training over their weekends throughout the year also. Having the closure day is an effective way to keep the whole team up to date and provide your children with the most current and innovative ways of learning.
There have been a few items of clothing going missing from the rooms recently. Can we politely ask you not bring in anything that is precious or has sentimental value and to label clothing so that it is easier to find its way back to their rightful owners.

When walking through the nursery, please ensure that you either take your shoes off or wear the shoe covers provided. Having to walk through the baby room first, where the children are crawling on the floor, means that this is essential to maintain the hygiene levels that are needed for this room.

As mentioned previously, the staff have long days here at the nursery, some days can be for as long as twelve and a half hours. Can we ask you to consider this when picking up your children a arrive before 6pm if you would like a comprehensive handover of their day. All children should be collected by 6pm. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
The notice board in the hallway has an area for you to write down any suggestions on what you would like to see happening in the room with regards to particular topics or themes that your children are interested in. Please feel free to add anything to it that you think may be of interest to the rooms.

We strive to improve the nursery on a daily basis and your feedback on the service we give you is invaluable. For this reason, we have added a feedback box on the cupboard by the shoe covers, should you want to give any anonymous feedback, whether it be positive or developmental. Again, please feel free to add to this, should you wish to.


To begin with baby room would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely gifts we received over Christmas. We would also like to say thank you for attending our Christmas party. we hope you had as much fun as we did and the children.

firemenDecember has been a very busy month with lots of fun activities taking place, along with the visit from our local firemen which our children undoubtedly loved.
So let’s begin with the visit from the firemen. Our babies were lucky enough to be able to sit inside in the fire engine and even try on their helmets. They were able to explore the fire engine having a feel of the many different materials and even took a seat inside with the other practitioners. To read the full newsletter, please click the button below…