October News

There have been so many celebrations this month with Diwali, Halloween and Yom Kippur to name just a few.

Parent’s evening was very well attended and some very useful feedback given from you all.

Each of the rooms have marked these occasions with various activities that will be described by each of them, in detail, below.

Some important dates of your diaries:

18th November: Children in Need- Dressing up in pyjamas and a bring and buy cake sale
16th December: Children’s Christmas party with a VERY special guest appearance
23rd December: Last day of nursery before Christmas closure
3rd January: Nursery re-opens for another wonderful year of learning opportunities!

Please remember to not let other people into the nursery when dropping off or collecting your child. This is to safeguard everybody in the setting.

Have a lovely November, and remember to keep your children safe from fireworks!


Welcome to our October newsletter. Babies have been very busy this month exploring inside and outside the nursery. We have done loads of autumn activities and celebrated many events such as Diwali and Halloween.

Our colour theme of the month is: orange. Our number of the month is: 1 and our shape of the month is: Circle.

ink-splat-orange-600x600 number-one-orange-hi 2000px-orange_circle_100-svg

Babies have been on many outings this month and we all love the new 4 seater buggy. We visited the Butchers in Highbury Barn. We looked at various meats such as chicken, beef and lamb. We even stopped to say hello to our local lollipop lady. We have also been to Highbury fields and had picnics with milk, water, rice cakes and fruits.

Our little babies have got very messy this month. We have enjoyed floor painting with cars, making orange playdough, Leaf painting with leaves we have collected in the garden, and Fruit tasting to tickle our taste buds. We tried lemons, limes and grapefruits- very sour!

We dressed up in the garden using different patterned materials whilst listening to different music to celebrate ‘Black History’ month. We also created Diwali lights for the Diwali festival on 30th October. We used a range of materials and resources. We used tissue paper, Card paper, Glitter and paints.

On the 31st of October, we celebrated Halloween. We dressed up in amazing costumes. We had little devils, pumpkins, a penguin, a bear, a tiger, a cat, we even had Dracula. We explored many activities to incorporate with Halloween. We painted our class pumpkin and then craved our pumpkin and made shapes and did shape printing. We then explored the inside of the pumpkin. We looked at different textures such as soft, squelchy and mushy. We then looked at the pumpkin seeds. How exciting! We have done hand printing on the window to create spiders and then used cotton to make a cob web and we even decorated bats.

We would like to welcome to discoverers our new friends Cara, Phoebe, Adam, Amara and Francis. We look Forward to watching you grow and teaching you many things. We would also like to say again happy birthday to our friends who celebrated their 1st Birthdays Matilda, Grace, Nico, Cara and Phoebe. we hope you had a lovely time.
Have a Lovely November Mummies and Daddies.


Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter. This month we have been keeping busy with lots of new and exciting activities, also some new friends in our room.

We would also take this time to say goodbye and good luck to our friends who have graduated to the pre-school room. We are sure you are going to have so much fun with all the big boys and girls but remember you are always welcome to stop by and say hi.

October Activities
During the month of October, we have been busy exploring new and exciting opportunities. As we received a new, four seat buggy, we were able to go out more to the park, Loxford’s area and the playground. We were focusing most of the activities around the theme of Autumn and all the amazing changes that take place within the season. We have been doing lots of lovely leaf printing, acorn collecting and exploring all the lovely creatures that appear during this season. We were talking about and making foxes, owls, hedgehogs, trees and scarecrows. We’ve learned a new ‘Scarecrow’ song and we were dancing and doing actions to it. You can see the effects of your children’s lovely artwork on our amazing and now finished Autumn display.

We’ve been also focusing a lot on science. We have created lovely tornado out of water, fairy liquid and wooden spoons. We have been looking at the pictures, listening to the sound of it and talking about how it happens. We have also had lots of messy play, such as playdough making, painting with edible paint, colouring rice, different types of pasta and lots of hand or foot printing.

Last week we’ve been very busy preparing for the Halloween party. We decorated Toddler’s room with lots of crafts we prepared over last few days. We’ve made spiders out of children’s handprints, Frankenstein’s out of children’s footprints, lovely mini pumpkin cakes from rice crispies and marshmallows, ghosts from tissue paper, and many more. You could all see it hanging around the room. We would like to say big thank you to all the parents for getting your children dressed up and making our Halloween party a big success. We are sure all your children enjoyed the healthy Halloween treat they prepared themselves at the nursery.

We have learned many new action songs in English and Spanish. We are sure that you can hear them when your children go home and sing them to you.
We did lots of activities with a fire engine theme, such as colouring the fire engine’s pictures, listening to the fire engine’s sound and the fire drill, we have had very interesting circle time about a firemans’ job, we spoke about the fire and how to stop it. Unfortunately, the fire engine didn’t show up, because they were called out on an emergency, but we are just arranging another session with them.

We would also to remind again all parents about the labelling of children’s clothes as it helps to prevent items being mixed up or misplaced.

Thank you!


Another month has gone by, and our pre-schoolers have been as busy as bees. We would like to welcome some new children in the room who have been busy getting to know all the children and staff, a warm welcome to Mia, Gabriel, Zora, Elsie, Matilde and Tilly who have settled in very well over the past month.

For the last few weeks, we have been looking at different professions: police officers, fire fighters, veterinarians and farmers. Each week we have converted our home corner in a different work space, depending on the profession we were working on. The children could ride a fire engine fighting the fire around the room, looking after their pets in the veterinarian clinic, ride the police car helping their friend in trouble, or even pretend to milk a cow! It was amazing!

Thank you so much for your collaboration with our “family professions” homework. I am sure our children will love to see you all on our display.
On this month’s outings, pre-school has been to the post office, we sent a letter to one of our old friends. We hope he had a good surprise!

We also have been to the ecology centre. Children noticed that our garden was full of leaves and some little red round fruit, and they were coming down from our tree, but we didn’t know which kind of tree it was. We decided to take some pictures and walk to the ecology centre to find out. We could compare our leaves with the ones of the trees that they have there, and we discovered that we have a White Bean Rower and the fruit that comes from it is not tasty at all, far too bitter. It was also lovely to have a walk and snack in their garden; we could see lots of different kinds of leaves on the floor!

We looked at different festivals that are celebrated around the world, and this month we found out that Indus have a lovely light festival. After looking at some pictures of Diwali celebration, children decided to create their own Diwali candle holders, using handmade salt playdough and sequins! They were gorgeous, very charming!

To end up this month, we couldn’t do it in a better way! We had our Halloween’s party! During last week, we have been getting ready for this special day. Children have been making ghosts, bats and painting pumpkins to decorate our room. We had an amazing time celebrating. Once again, we must thank you and congratulate you all parents for your amazing pumpkin carving.
As a last quick note, we need to ask parents, to make sure that your children don’t bring any coins in their pockets. Also, please, don’t bring special toys for show and tell as unfortunately, they can sometimes they get damaged or even lost. Our show and tell box is very full so we will keep it by the entrance of preschool to have your help looking for some of your children missing toys from home.. Thank you for your help!

How amazing do the Pre-Schoolers Pumpkins look?