September News

September has been such a busy month in the nursery!  We have had lots of new children starting in the rooms and we would like to welcome them and their families to Monkey Puzzle Highbury.

Next week, we will also be welcoming back our staff member Emma, who left us at Christmas last year to have her baby daughter.  She was working in the Explorers room before going onto maternity leave but will be joining us in Discoverers, now that she has all of that wonderful hands on, baby experience behind her!

Inventors have had a very successful trip to the Science Museum on Thursday 29th September, that has enriched their learning of Space that they have been finding all about for the last few weeks.  We hope to continue with similar trips in the future.

Zoo lab returned for another exciting visit to the nursery with lots of animals to look at, touch and find out about their natural habitat.  The babies particularly liked to watch the snake slither along the floor and our older children were fascinated with the tarantula.  The team of staff were not so enamoured with the visiting cockroach!

jeans-for-genes-logoJeans for Genes day was an overwhelming success and as a nursery, we were able to raise a fabulous £62.   A generous sum of money going to a very worthwhile charity.  Thank you all for your generosity.



We will be holding another parents evening for you all on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October.  These events are key to exploring all that they learn at the nursery and allows you the time for an uninterrupted conversation without the children there to distract you.It will consist of a fifteen-minute discussion with your key person on your child’s progress and areas to develop and work on at home.  Joy and Rachel will also be there if you want to discuss anything with us also.

Have a great October!

Joy and Rachel


This month Discoverers have been very busy enjoying the warm weather. We welcomed some new friends to the Discoverers room who we are very excited to get to know. Welcome to all our new children. They are all settling in very well and learning lots of new things.

This month we have been learning about the number 2, colour yellow and the shape of the month has been square. Children have enjoyed exploring yellow gloop where they had the opportunity of making random marks. They have also enjoyed making different shapes using yellow playdough and getting messy painting with fruit.

As the weather has been so good, we have been having lots of fun activities in the garden such as water play, messy play and making marks with water and paint brushes. We have also enjoyed lots of sensory activities both indoors & outdoors. The children enjoyed exploring different textures like oats, dry flour, glueing and sticking tissue and coloured paper, and making some sandcastles in our new sand pit.

We had zoo lab visit the nursery on the 14th of September.The Discoverers enjoyed a 30-minute baby sensory experience which stimulated the senses and helped younger children develop. They brought us a combination of ZooLab animals, songs, rhymes and puppetry to develop language, physical, social and emotional development. We had a snake, Tarantula, Cockroach. The babies got the chance to touch and feel each of the animals and watching some of their facial expressions was amazing. The babies showed little fear, and their favourite one to touch was ‘Lucy the Lizard’. Lucy was a very pretty lizard with pink, white and purple skin. She had beautiful eyes and seemed to enjoy being stroked by the children on her head.

This month we have celebrated festivals such as Eid, Jewish New Year, and Rosh Hashanah. We decorated some moons and starts for our sleep room to celebrate Eid. We recently celebrated ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day. Priya had a great activity for the children to enjoy to celebrate this. We cut up some jeans and the children re-decorated them using paint, glue, glitter and feathers.


Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter. This month we have been keeping busy with lots of new and exciting activities and also some new friends and members of staff in our room. We would like to welcome Valentina to our ever growing Explorers team; Valentina is keen to jump in with lots of creative and fun activities for us to do. A big Explorers welcome to all our new Friends now joining us from the baby room.

We would also take this time to say goodbye and good luck to our friends that are graduating to the preschool room. We are sure you are going to have so much fun with all the big boys and girls but remember you are always welcome to stop by and say hi.

During the month of September, we have been busy exploring new and exciting opportunities. With a special visit from the ZooLab where we had the chance to see lots of different animals; for example, Lucy the lizard, a little cockroach, the tarantula and also a slippery snake and snappy hermit crab. All the children we’re so brave and really enjoyed getting up close and personal with these amazing creatures, some even wanting to touch them.  We have also been taking part in some sports activities getting all the children active and bursting with energy as we practice our football skills with our ‘Sporty Champs’ coach Cameron. All the children have shown great enthusiasm and some have even become keen little footballers.

We have also had the chance to take part in a very special event called ‘Jeans for Genes day’, this is where we aim to raise money to support others less fortune and those suffering from genetic diseases. This day consisted of lots of fun filled activities for our little one to take part in; like creating and decorating our own pair of jeans. Allowing us to get really creative and messy, we would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and children that took part by wearing their jeans on Friday 23rd and those that also made a generous donation towards this cause.

We will also be focusing some activities around the theme of Autumn and all the amazing changes that take place within this season; we will be doing lots of lovely leaf printing, acorn collecting and exploring all the lovely creature that appear during this season as we plan on creating an amazing display all full of your children’s lovely art work.

We would also to remind all parents about the labelling of children’s clothes as it helps to prevent items being mixed up or misplaced.


Summer holidays are over and September has come full of exciting changes. On one hand, we are a bit sad because we had to say bye to all the Inventors that have left our room. But on the other hand we are really happy to say hello to our new friends.

planetsThis month we have been learning loads of things about the Universe, not only about the planets, stars, astronauts and rockets- Also about black holes, gravity and how this makes an effect on us and all the objects around us. Every week we have been working around this topic and introducing new concepts. Bit by bit we have been building an incredible display with all our space work. To finish our space theme, we have been in the science museum. The children have enjoyed and showed real enthusiasm and interest in the experience. The children could see a real sized replica of the Apollo 11 and got really excited when they saw the “big, tall” astronaut!

Even though the visit to the science museum has been the biggest trip we have made this month, it hasn’t been the only one. The inventors have also been to the local library. We have returned old books and borough new ones with stories about the space. Our favourite story has been “Aliens in underpants save the world!”.

The Inventors have also been in a local charity shop. As last week was “Jeans for Genes day” we decided to take some of our spare cloths and take it to the shop. The children learnt that shops can also take and not just sell things, and that this kind of shops use the money that they make with our donations, to help people in need. “Jeans for Genes day” was a really good opportunity for our children to realise that all of us are a bit different, but that is what it makes us unique and special. All because of our genes. But what happens with the children that are a bit more different? The Inventors learnt that sometimes it can be changes or mistakes in our genes, what it makes us look a bit more different than usual. With this beautiful experience, the children learnt values of solidarity, understanding, acceptation of the diversity and humility.

In between so many trips, the Inventors had a visit from Zoo-lab. All of the sudden, our classroom was full of snails, snakes, spiders, a lizard and a really big cockroach! It was so exciting to be able to see and touch so many different little animals, and learn all about them.

After this busy month, we are looking forward to see the new experiences that October is going to bring us!