August News


During August, the Discovers have been working so hard. We have been so busy having fun and enjoying the nice weather and sunshine outside.

Have you seen our new key person’s board display?

1We decorated some stars, rockets and astronauts. Also, we decorated and painted planets. We had fun learning and reading stories about planets and space like: “Space, Rocket and Ride”. This book is beginning to be one of our favourites to hear at circle time!

2This month we spent lots of time playing in the garden exploring jelly, paints and pasta. We enjoyed a sensory activity where we got the chance to explore and play with different pasta, couscous, sand and paint in the garden. It was so nice tosee how other classes joined in with our exciting activity!We also enjoyed a refreshing ‘frozen jelly’ activity, where the children enjoyed touching and feeling the cold jelly. And the best thing about this activity- the jelly is edible!

We cut up potatoes into different shapes and printed using different coloured paint. We used different vegetables to paint and the babies became more aware of vegetables and eating healthy.

This month we learned about the colour red, the shape ‘circle’ O and the number one 1.

Towards the end of August, we are celebrating“Summer Spanish Party”. Discovers are making nice necklaces using the colour of the month and macaroni pasta & Flowers using tissue paper and glitter. They will make a Spanish fan using red paper and it will be decorated by taping children’s painted finger onto the paper.  We made the typical “Spanish feria” dresses using crepe paper, and we decorated them using different colours and glitter.

Also this month we welcomed new friends. We are sure we are going to have funny together and learning amazing things. Welcome to Discovers!

Next month is fast approaching and we have lots of activities planned! We are excited to join in on different celebrations and enjoy activities such as;  Eid cards, Rosh Hashanah games, Harvest Festival or celebrating the Jeans for Genes Day.

Explorer’s News

This month has been very exciting for us in the Toddler Room with lots of fun filled activities. We would like to welcome all of the babies that have recently transitioned to Explorers, we are all really excited for you to join our group, and we look forward to having lots of fun with you.

We have a new staff member who has joined us in Toddlers. Remy is very excited to be part of the Toddler Room team. Remy has worked with Toddlers for over four years, and has lots of great ideas for new and exciting activities for the Toddlers to enjoy.

6As you can see from our lovely ‘Under the Sea’ display, the children had lots of fun making and decorating different parts to create the display. We decorated a big Mermaid, which was exciting as some of the children in toddlers have had a recent interest in Mermaids. We hope you like it!

We always love hearing about your child’s recent interests. It would be great if you could keep us updated as then we can plan exciting activities for the children to enjoy around their interests.

This month we celebrated ‘World Humanitarian Day’ which was a celebration of peace, love and kindness. The children made some lovely Rainbow flags, and also showed how gentle and kind they were by making a display using their footprints and the colour of the rainbow. As usual this activity was messy, but very enjoyable!

To celebrate and welcome all cultures, here in Explorers we will be making our own ‘Celebration’ books. These will have pictures and a small description of how each and every child celebrates their festivals. We value where all of the children come from and we are excited to learn about how you all celebrate. It would be great if you could provide us with some pictures of how you celebrate at home with your friends and family so that the children can look at these and it will broaden their knowledge about how different nationalities and how different cultures celebrate.

Inventors News

August has been a very busy and sunny month. We would like to thank all the parents for bringing sun creams and hats to the nursery to allow the children to enjoy the sun.

Welcome this month to Giorgia, our new Deputy Room Leader.

12We’ve had to say goodbye to some of our children. As you become big boys and girls, and continue with your new adventures at school, we are sure you will be great and we wish you the best of luck! Please come and visit us sometimes, we will all miss you very much!

This month we’ve been talking about Superhero’s!We have been showing some great behaviour and lovely manners! We have practised to independently deal with any problems with friends by talking about how they have made us feel. We’ve been giving a lots of superhero certificates during the month and we are really proud that our children take it seriously. As you may have noticed already, we have created a superhero display that shows all the children art work. Thanks also for being part of our Superhero party. The costumes and face painting were amazing!

13We have startedto introduce more real life activities for the children to enjoy that we would like to keep up for the following months. We have been to the flower shop to buy flowers for our mummies. We have been to the post office to send a handmade card to Nicolaas’ family members in Netherlands and we’ve also been to visit our friends at the new nursery in Angel.

Every week as well as Drama class and Sporty Champs, we are now introducing an Italian class as well. We are going to practice saying numbers and some basic day to day words.

Because most of you have might been on holiday, will be nice if everyone will add pictures and notes to our Travelling book. You can find it next to the emergency exit. The children love listening to each other’s stories about their recent holidays and adventures.

Preschool’s team would ask you to please label clothes, toys and bags from home. We want to make sure that anything is going to get lost or mixed up with nursery toys. We do have introduced a lost belonging box that we are going to keep next to the gate between toddler and preschool.