July News


Another fantastic month that has come along to Highbury Monkey Puzzle Nursery!

1Due to the wonderful weather we have been having, our babies are spending a lot of time outside enjoying the outdoor environment. As to the previous month, our focus activities are enjoyed outside much to the babies’ enjoyment and interests.

Our babies have been enjoying the range of activities provided by our wonderful team.

We celebrated American Independence Day the 1st week of July 2016. Our babies got very messy! They painted American flags using the American colours. The babies experimented using their hands and fingers and paintbrushes were provided. What was lovely about them was the different marks the babies made and how they enjoyed the sensory experience.

One of our wonderful team members engaged the children in a cooking activity. We made an Asian Fruit Pudding which was absolutely lovely especially with the exotic fruits used such as coconut and passion fruit. It was such a great experience to see how the babies enjoyed the activity. The babies helped mix the ingredients, put the fruits on top of the pudding and place the pudding onto the baking tray. The babies were tasting different types of fruits and feeling the texture in their hands.

Have you seen our lovely displays? They are coming along very nicely.

2We have a Summer display and what couldn’t be a better month to have our display as the weather has been beaming with sunshine. (it was anyway, please come back sunshine) Our display is the babies’ artwork which we love. The babies experimented with a variety of resources such as glue, paint – a range of colours and sand. We made Crabs using babies’ handprints, ice-cream, a sun, a palm tree, coconuts and a sea water display. Alongside the display are our wonderful photographs of the babies engrossed in the activities. Please tell us what you think of the display. I hope you love it as much as we do. The babies have been taking an interest in the display pointing at it which gives the opportunities to show them their wonderful artwork. We pride ourselves in showing off the babies’ artwork.

We have updated our funny wall and renamed it Crazy Monkey Tree. You can see pictures of the wonderful babies hanging from the leaves. We thought the name would be fitting as you see the babies having the most fun. It is amazing when you capture these moments and we just want to share them with you.

We had lots of fun at our sports day. The children had lots of fun with their parents enjoying their obstacle course. Thank you all for taking the time out to join in with our fun.

We have new additions to our room.  We hope you enjoy baby room as much as our older babies do. Welcome to Monkey Puzzle.

We love our messy play activities and hope you do too. May next month be as exciting.


Dear Parents, July has been a fun filled month in the Explorers Room despite all of the changes. We have welcomed a lot of new faces from children transitioning from baby room like Anastasia, Elliot, Oliver, Sophia M and also children entirely new to the nursery setting like Edward and new staff. We have done some redecorating (moved the sofa and bookshelf) so that we have our reading area closer to our home corner.

July’s Events

4th July – American Independence Day
Us explorers celebrated American Independence Day in various ways. We started off the day with circle time, showing the children an American flag and explaining what exactly it is, they were told that fireworks are often used for celebratory purposes and we recreated this ourselves, using straws shaped like the sparkles given off by the fireworks and red, white and blue paint.

We also made blue and red playdough, decorated the American flag with coloured pencils, made butterflies using blue and red tissue paper as well as straws.

6th – 7th July – Eid
To celebrate Eid we went on a Library trip to read books about this event. Mahmuda also helped us make Eid cards with a star and a moon, using yellow card, grey paint and yellow paint along with gold and silver glitter. On the card included a ‘Happy Eid’ message.

12th Buddhist Holiday
Explorers put their amazing chef skills to the test once again when we made chocolate Rice Krispies cakes to celebrate the Buddhist holiday, AsalaDhama day. Sharing was the golden rule and the children done a fantastic job at taking it in turns to mix the ingredients together and put them into cupcake cases.

Well done Toddlers!

3Under the Sea display
We are currently working on our ‘under the sea display’ as the children have shown great interest in sea creatures and mermaids recently and we feel as though the children likes and interests are very important. Our upcoming artists are really enjoying engaging in all activities planned creating/decorating different items for the display.

29th – Sports Day

We had an amazing time enjoying the Monkey Puzzle Sports Day. The children were so excited to have their parents in to enjoy some fun sports activities. The children enjoyed balancing bean bags on their heads while completing an obstacle course. The children loved the long jump where they were having some friendly competition amongst their peers. The afternoon was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it as much as ourselves.


This month has been as busy as any other month along with lots and exciting changes in the Preschool room.

We have been celebrating lots of events that take part in different places of the world and we thought that in order to understand, remember and appreciate this diversity is by having a visual resource, so our Preschool children have been very busy making different arts for the new display that reflects this diversity under the theme of “we all smile in the same language”, which is placed on the top of our Smart Board.

Therefore, we have celebrated the “American Independence Day”, in which children were told a nice story about its facts and made a snack based on the American flag, using watermelon and banana. They were really excited about it and were able to follow the patterns of the flag and match them with colours of the fruit!

We also have celebrated Eid. Children were shown a very nice video about the meaning of this festivity and one of our children told us about what people do regarding food. Children were very surprised and enjoyed colouring in the symbolic moon and star.

5Along with this celebrations, we had lots of fun celebrating the “beep beep day”, based on road safety. We talked about what a zebra crossing is and we learned a very nice song called “stop, look and listen!”. Children were engaged in arts and crafts activities; they made traffic lights and zebra crossings and did some role play in the garden using this knowledge.

Finally, we celebrated “sports day”. Children were engaged in different kind of races, ping pong, obstacle course and long jump. We all had a great time and got fit at the same time! At the end, all the children got medals for their amazing participation!

We are working at the moment on our new display, based on the super hero theme. Children are learning that heroes not just fight but save people. They are showing their heroes’ skills and we are putting them on the display so that they can see that anyone being good can be a hero!

As you have noticed, lots of learning and fun has been going on in our room. In addition to this, we would like to welcome our new starters to our room. We are very happy to have you here!. However, we are very sad to say goodbye to those that have left. We wish you all the best in your new adventure! We also have to say bye to our room leader Lisandra, we wish her all the best and hope to see her very soon!

We would like to remind parents to bring sun cream and hats, as it is getting really hot and we want to enjoy this weather as much as we can! Also, if you would like us to celebrate any festivity that you consider important, let us know, we will be very happy to learn about it and bring it to the children!