March News


This month the babies have had a very busy month. With visits from the Zoo lab to baking beautiful cakes for our lovely parents.

It’s March, finally spring has arrived and it has been another creative, fun and messy month full of learning and passion.

This month the babies have been very busy and being creative in messy activities in the builder’s tray using their whole bodies. They have enjoyed painting their bodies with paintbrushes and sponges, and making footprints on large paper walking and crawling on the floor to create our messy display border. As you can see it is now finished with all your children’s photos during all the messy activities, developing their physical skills, expressive arts and design, communication and language and understanding of the world. The children enjoy looking at the display and finding themselves by pointing and seeing their work up.

We have also created a spring time display with a huge tree made from multi coloured tissue paper. The children made their own flowers from paper plates and decorating them with tissue paper and paints. Parents are more than welcome to come in and have a look at their creations and what they have enjoyed doing as part of the topic. We will continue making Spring decorations for our room and taking home artwork to show family members.

The children have enjoyed the sand and water, adding different toys to the tray that interests them such as ducks, cars, small people, wild animals and sea creatures. This helps them to explore their interests further and to develop their maths counting the ducks and cars. We use big and small containers and pots to scoop up water and sand to fill and empty and recognise the differences.

In the garden we have explored cornflour using the home corner utensils spoons, plates and cups to scoop.  As we role play, we encourage them to feel the gooey texture and make marks in the bowl and the floor. The babies really seemed to enjoy this activity and concentrate on what they are doing while developing personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language, expressive arts and design and physical skills.

We have started using the children’s photographs during circle times, holding up their picture and waiting to see if they are able to recognise themselves. Also, we have introduced this to our sleep time routine and having their pictures on their beds and asking them to find their bed. The babies are doing really well to recognise themselves as they do during mealtimes with their placemat and sitting on their chair.

The Zoo Lab paid us a visit and what brave children we have in our baby room some wanted to touch everything from the snail to the snake, we were all very impressed. They were given the opportunity to understand how and why we should treat living things with care.

We have been enjoying many trips to the park with nature walks, having a turn on the swings and slide which they really enjoy.  We have been to the library to return our books and collect new ones that your child has chosen. If you have any suggestions to which book your child likes at home, we can order or find in the library.

Easter has been very fun filled and full of happiness by making the chocolate shredded wheat nests with the baby chick on top. They enjoyed mixing and tasting! We also made Easter cards using cut out patterned potatoes to create the marks and using their hands to make their handprints.We hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

Thankyou to all our amazing mummies and grandmothers who were able to make some time to come and join us for the Mother’s Day tea. We really appreciate your support and we hope you enjoyed the rooms full of fun activities with your child.

We welcome Ruby, our new Deputy room leader who has joined us recently.  If you haven’t already, please say hello!

Welcome to our new settling babies starting in April. We are very excited to meet you all and look forward to having fun with you all while learning together.

If your child is missing any clothing please, do ask for us to check their other basket in the sleep room and also feel free to check our spare clothes in the boxes opposite the pegs incase it’s in there. Thank you for bringing back clothes taken home by accident or spare clothes for us to use again.

Lastly, we have our parents evening next week on the Thursday and Friday.  The sheets are up by the door for you to write the time you would like to meet with your child’s key person. We look forward to celebrating your child’s successes with you.

We look forward to another great month with lots more learning and experiences to come throughout each day.  Have a lovely April and hopefully more sun on the way for springtime.


This month we welcome the lovely Alison who has joined our fantastic team.

We have been reading and looking at the book Owl Babies and have completed many beautiful activities around the book. For example, making baby owls. All has helped to contribute to our beautiful display. We continue to ask you, the parents, to discuss with your child what they think about the book owl babies in their home language. We have written down and added their comments to our lovely display.

To welcome spring in, we decided to give the Toddler room a spring clean!! We rearranged the class furnitureand set up and many exciting new toys and activities!!! New blocks of different materials have been added for our construction area and lovely new props for our home corner. Why not take a look at the new equipment and materials for our expressive arts corner?

The Mother’s day Tea party was a huge success. The toddlers made beautiful cards and lovely flower pots and picture frames for their Mummies and we had lots of yummy treats. Of course, thank you to the parents for coming and showing your support.

March has been full of celebrations!!  We celebrated St Patrick’s day and the children had lots of fun as we danced all day to Irish music. Irish dancing is more difficult to do than it first appears!  The children explored different types of musical instruments. We also made leprechaun hats and a shamrock.

We had a special day on the 18th of March for Sports relief.  The children and adults dressed up in sports outfit and carried out lots of sporty activities. For example, we had a lovely obstacle course in our room which all the children seemed to enjoy.  We were also promoting healthy bodies and minds.

Sporty Champs now visits us on a Tuesday morning instead of Tuesday afternoon.  The children love this visitor as they get to practice lots of different sports in the garden.

We have just celebrated Easter!! We had a fantastic week making many Easter decorations and a huge bunny and egg.  The children were able to stick various materials and add lots of paint and glitter! Georgia made yummy Easter chocolate kisses with the children which went down a treat! And Claudia made lovely Easter baskets for the children so our treats could have a home!

We had a very special visit for Zoolab who showed of lots of interesting small animals.  There were all sorts of mini creatures, such as a millipede, snake, spider, cockroach, scorpion and of course, Speedy the giant African land snail! The children loved touching all the different creatures and finding out what they eat, where they live and how they move.

And please remember to book in parent’s meetings with your child’s key person so we chat about any concerns you may have and to have the chance to celebrate your child development with you.


Another month has flown by and the preschool children have been busy playing, learning and having fun. This month we said goodbye to Shivani and we wish her the best of luck in her new school.

The nursery hosted another Mother’s day tea party and we would like to say a big thank you to all the mums who attended and spent time getting stuck in with all the fun activities that we had set out. We hope you all had a fun spending some quality time with your little ones!

In theme of our spring display, we also made up a poem about the sun that the older children traced over using felt tip pens. In addition to that, we also made suns using paper plates that the children painted and then cut out using scissors. The poem along with the suns is on the wall for you to take a look at.

We also celebrated St Patrick’s day by dressing up in green, made shamrocks for good luck as well as leprechaun masks. we also celebrated sports relief by dressing up in sportswear and had fun running round and participating in lots of sports activities throughout the day.

Our new reading area is now complete and we have a selection of books that the children can choose and read by themselves or with a teacher. The books all have a specific place that they need to go back to after they have finished reading it and the children are all learning how to tidy up and put the books in the correct place after they have finished reading them.   The books have been carefully chosen with repetitive language so that they are easier for them to memorise.  This is known to be the first stages of reading.

Last but not least we celebrated Easter and as always, the pre-school staff and children did so in style! We had a visit from a very special bunny called Brownie. Regina brought him in from home so the children could all pet him and feed him if they felt comfortable to do so. When it was time to go out in the garden, all the children had another surprise, as they all went to play they discovered a white trail all around the garden the Easter bunny had left. The bunny also left special instructions for the children to follow and they all took turns in going on an egg hunt to find some yummy chocolate eggs. It was a busy morning because when the children finished with the egg hunt the children then made chocolate nest cakes to take home for the end of the day.

We had another visit from Zoo Lab who once again brought in some very special animals for us to meet. Corn snake, cockroach, spider, scorpion and millipede. After the long bank holiday weekend, we found that our chrysalises had hatched into beautiful butterflies.  We are planning a trip to the park so we can wave them goodbye as we set them free.