Google Expeditions

Monkey Puzzle Highbury welcomed Google’s Expedition Pioneer Programme to the nursery last week, taking the Pre-School children to the moon and back in a 3D virtual tour experience in the classroom. The Google Expeditions experience works using smart phone technology set in a cardboard 3D viewer. The phones run Google street view, which allows the children to look into the viewer and have a full 3D virtual experience, all of which can be lead by the teacher’s tablet at the front of class. The children took a learning tour of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania and even travelled to the surface of the moon, prompted by one child asking, “can we go into the cosmos?”

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Pre-School Room Leader and Qualified Early Years Teacher Lisandra Santos commented, “Having Google into the classroom was such a special experience for our children. The expedition pioneer programme uses the latest in 3D virtual technology, which allowed the children to learn about the possibilities of ICT in their future education, also providing a fun and exciting way for them to learn about the world around them. Technology and understanding of the world is a key part of our Early Years curriculum so this was an excellent opportunity to extend learning and widen children’s experiences in the classroom.”

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